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Career Paths


On my 10th birthday I received my very first personal computer – the Schneider Euro PC (complete with color monitor and external 20MB HD). Back then I did not have games to play for the system but fiddled around with several graphics tools and DOS itself. Soon my father started buying PC magazines that came with…

In the back of my head I always feared that tenosynovitis could…

Who are you making games for? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Who is going to play the game in the end? Who am I trying to reach with my idea?

MTF Epiphanies


On one of my former projects I became responsible for the MTF, without any previous warning. Not having dealt with an MTF before I approached the task with a certain naïvety…

Yesterday, my wonderful and lovely partner in crime allowed me to touch his iPhone. Even play with it. To be more precise – he let me play Topple for quite a while.