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You may have (or have not) wondered about this extremely long period of silence on my blog. I surely haven’t abandoned this place, nor have I decided to start a new one. The excuse is as simple, as it is true – I have been busy! To prove to you that I really was, here a short list of all the things I’ve started, finished or…

2010 in Tags


2010 in Tags

A few weeks ago I was asked to give an interview for a German online gaming portal that wanted to take a closer look at the company I am doing level design for and the product we are currently working on. Since it is a casual MMO that comes from an Austrian team the game and the team working on it has become…

As you may have noticed, the April Gamer Girl photo has not been uploaded yet, even though it is clearly April (the calendar states so). The reason behind this small delay (after all, April lasts a whole month and we are just at the beginning) is the incredible amount of work that keeps me occupied.

I was shamelessly plugged yesterday (yeah, yeah, you and your dirty minds) by my wonderful and unique partner in crime and had the pleasure to be named in his latest blog entry. So I thought I would finally use the time and do the same with other fellow bloggers that I’ve added to my link-list.