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I know, I know, I owe you the second part of my usability-aperture-science-inspired-gameplay-user-test-session-blog-entry. And I will provie you with more insights on how to pick the right test players, what to keep in mind and the equipment used for our test sessions (and the tricky parts that comes with the software).

I need to vent, though. Today was an extraordinarily frustrating day when it comes to the communication side of my job.

Games for Girls


My thoughtful and observant partner in crime was so kind as to send me a link to an interesting TED Talk by Brenda Laurel about her research and development of games that not only appeal to young girls but also cater to their interests and dreams.

The first shooting of the Gamer Girl Calendar is over, the first two pictures are up and the next shootings are already planned.

The next two concepts are …

Who are you making games for? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Who is going to play the game in the end? Who am I trying to reach with my idea?

So the core team has come together at the headquarters to brainstorm about the upcoming new calendar and I can tell you…