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A few weeks ago I was asked to give an interview for a German online gaming portal that wanted to take a closer look at the company I am doing level design for and the product we are currently working on. Since it is a casual MMO that comes from an Austrian team the game and the team working on it has become…

While discussing different kinds of sports today with friends following observation was shared: the male athletes tried to beat their own score each time they engaged in their chosen sport, while the female athletes focused on…

Every Sunday it has become a ritual to check Postsecret for new secrets that have been sent in. For those of you who do not know the concept of Postsecret – people can send in a postcard they have created or altered themselves and share…

Games for Girls


My thoughtful and observant partner in crime was so kind as to send me a link to an interesting TED Talk by Brenda Laurel about her research and development of games that not only appeal to young girls but also cater to their interests and dreams.

A myth? Impossible? Highly improbable? Can’t work? A bad joke? Or not as unusual as people might think.

The more female geek audience on the online shopping spree!

The interview with a female game designer is not half as risky as other interviews but it does bear certain risks.