Can anyone hear me?


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Even though the new family member (PS®3) combined with the new games (The Beatles™ Rockband™, Little Big Planet™ and Arkham Asylum™) keeps me quite occupied and highly entertained I have not forgotten my passion for smaller adventures and indie games.

Ages ago I stumbled over the game Samorost and Continue reading ‘Machinarium’

…and I’ve been drumming like a dog!

A few weeks ago the wonderful and ingenious mastermind of this residency decided that it was about time to spend an enormous amount of money on Beatles Rockband™. I agreed, since I was more than ready to take my destined place at the drums. From deep within I felt that drumming is the gift that needs room to blossom and develop. It turns out that I was right.

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A few weeks ago I was asked to give an interview for a German online gaming portal that wanted to take a closer look at the company I am doing level design for and the product we are currently working on. Since it is a casual MMO that comes from an Austrian team the game and the team working on it has become the center of interest. Rightfully so. Another issue that has become another focus point is the fact that I am, genetically speaking, a woman. More so, a woman that dabbles in a male-dominated area – games and design. Continue reading ‘Being a Woman and Dealing with Press and Media’

Due to an incredible amount of crunchtime and a deadline that puts a lot of emphasis on the “dead”-syllable I have not found the time to update my blog as much as I would have wanted to.

In the last couple of weeks I have spent my freetime and weekends at work.  Nonetheless, I have managed to download and play the pre-release version of Plants vs. Zombies (by PopCap), which I was really looking forward to. To be honest, this was the first time I remembered the release date of a casual game and eagerly checked out every bit of information I could get my fingers on. Their marketing strategy did feed my ever-growing curiosity (and also gave me a few good laughs, a new avatar and a song I cannot get out of my head) and constantly reminded me to look out for the new and exciting game in which – well, what exactly do these plants do in this game? And how do the zombies come in? Do they interact? How are they connected? And what kind of game is it anyway? Continue reading ‘Plants vs. Zombies’

While discussing different kinds of sports today with friends following observation was shared: the male athletes tried to beat their own score each time they engaged in their chosen sport, while the female athletes focused on the physical activity itself and did not care to beat their own scores or set their goals higher. Even though this is a rather simplified and generalized theory it made me think of games and why certain games are not played by a bigger female audience. Continue reading ‘Female Target Audience’

Every Sunday it has become a ritual to check Postsecret for new secrets that have been sent in. For those of you who do not know the concept of Postsecret – people can send in a postcard they have created or altered themselves and share Continue reading ‘A Woman’s Secret’

As you may have noticed, the April Gamer Girl photo has not been uploaded yet, even though it is clearly April (the calendar states so). The reason behind this small delay (after all, April lasts a whole month and we are just at the beginning) is the incredible amount of work that keeps me occupied. Continue reading ‘Why am I so Busy?’

Even though I am being somewhat overwhelmed with work and work and work I cannot miss out on the fact that my favorite portable gaming gear – the Game Boy™ – made its first public appearance in April 1989 and has thus turned a solid 20 this year! Continue reading ‘Game Boy Turns 20’

Games for Girls


My thoughtful and observant partner in crime was so kind as to send me a link to an interesting TED Talk (here is the actual video) by Brenda Laurel about her research and development of games that not only appeal to young girls but also cater to their interests and dreams. Continue reading ‘Games for Girls’