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I know, I know, I owe you the second part of my usability-aperture-science-inspired-gameplay-user-test-session-blog-entry. And I will provie you with more insights on how to pick the right test players, what to keep in mind and the equipment used for our test sessions (and the tricky parts that comes with the software).

I need to vent, though. Today was an extraordinarily frustrating day when it comes to the communication side of my job.



I think a bunny hijacked my account.



My wonderful and complementary partner in crime, who is originally from the Netherlands and an incredible language prodigy, came across the following and found his…

I was shamelessly plugged yesterday (yeah, yeah, you and your dirty minds) by my wonderful and unique partner in crime and had the pleasure to be named in his latest blog entry. So I thought I would finally use the time and do the same with other fellow bloggers that I’ve added to my link-list.

So I’v been thinking about blogging for a while now…