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Even though I am being somewhat overwhelmed with work and work and work I cannot miss out on the fact that my favorite portable gaming gear – the Game Boy™ – made its first public appearance in April 1989 and has thus turned a solid 20 this year!

Who are you making games for? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Who is going to play the game in the end? Who am I trying to reach with my idea?

My magnificent and most observant partner in crime has let me know that the acronym “MTF”, which is a synonyme for…

MTF Epiphanies


On one of my former projects I became responsible for the MTF, without any previous warning. Not having dealt with an MTF before I approached the task with a certain naïvety…

Two days ago I was intensely working on a game overview document for a client when all of a sudden the screen of my iBook turned pitchblack and shut itself down without prior warning.

Yesterday, the first get together for local game designers took place. We decided to kick off at the werkzeugH in Vienna.

The fun begins December 18, 2008! – Rolando for the iPhone and “shocking” news about Coke.

Yesterday, my wonderful and lovely partner in crime allowed me to touch his iPhone. Even play with it. To be more precise – he let me play Topple for quite a while.

I do enjoy it when some ads not only use the webspace for selling their product but go one step further…

The interview with a female game designer is not half as risky as other interviews but it does bear certain risks.