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Even though the new family member (PS®3) combined with the new games (The Beatles™ Rockband™, Little Big Planet™ and Arkham Asylum™) keeps me quite occupied and highly entertained I have not forgotten my passion for smaller adventures and indie games.

Ages ago I stumbled over the game Samorost and …

In the last couple of weeks I have spent my freetime and weekends at work. Nonetheless, I have managed to download and play the pre-release version of Plants vs. Zombies, which I was really looking forward to. To be honest, this was the first time I remembered the release date of a casual game and eagerly checked out every bit of information I could get my fingers on. Their marketing strategy did feed my ever-growing curiosity (and also gave me a few…

As you may have noticed, the April Gamer Girl photo has not been uploaded yet, even though it is clearly April (the calendar states so). The reason behind this small delay (after all, April lasts a whole month and we are just at the beginning) is the incredible amount of work that keeps me occupied.

Games for Girls


My thoughtful and observant partner in crime was so kind as to send me a link to an interesting TED Talk by Brenda Laurel about her research and development of games that not only appeal to young girls but also cater to their interests and dreams.

Who are you making games for? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Who is going to play the game in the end? Who am I trying to reach with my idea?

For a while now I wanted to turn fairy tales into games. When researching common fairy tales I came across…

So the core team has come together at the headquarters to brainstorm about the upcoming new calendar and I can tell you…

Two days ago I was intensely working on a game overview document for a client when all of a sudden the screen of my iBook turned pitchblack and shut itself down without prior warning.

Yesterday, the first get together for local game designers took place. We decided to kick off at the werkzeugH in Vienna.

The fun begins December 18, 2008! – Rolando for the iPhone and “shocking” news about Coke.