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This year the third Austria Game Jam took place at the St. Marx Media Quarter in Vienna. In the last two years I couldn’t attend due to an unfortunate date collision of the game jam and the GFG, a small but high-quality game dev conference held in Hannover, Germany. Unfortunately, it didn’t take place this year. When I was approached by Jürgen Musil, one of the AGJ organizers, if I wanted to…



Even though the new family member (PS®3) combined with the new games (The Beatles™ Rockband™, Little Big Planet™ and Arkham Asylum™) keeps me quite occupied and highly entertained I have not forgotten my passion for smaller adventures and indie games.

Ages ago I stumbled over the game Samorost and …

For a while now I wanted to turn fairy tales into games. When researching common fairy tales I came across…

Yesterday, the first get together for local game designers took place. We decided to kick off at the werkzeugH in Vienna.

The fun begins December 18, 2008! – Rolando for the iPhone and “shocking” news about Coke.

Playing a game, enjoying a game and finding flaws in a game doesn’t necessarily mean that this enables someone to do it better, in the end.