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“Pleasing 21st century game players” was the title and the motto of this year’s GFG (Game Forum Germany). Sharing know-how with and transferring knowledge to fellow developers as well as students who are trying to climb the developer-ladder to success was the main focus of the event. Excellent speakers were invited to share their knowledge and expertise in various areas, which resulted in…


Today at the MQ/Raum D in Vienna/Austria at around 7 pm a talk will be held on the artistic merits of violence in games. You heard me right – the artistic merits of violence.

As you may have noticed, the April Gamer Girl photo has not been uploaded yet, even though it is clearly April (the calendar states so). The reason behind this small delay (after all, April lasts a whole month and we are just at the beginning) is the incredible amount of work that keeps me occupied.

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On my 10th birthday I received my very first personal computer – the Schneider Euro PC (complete with color monitor and external 20MB HD). Back then I did not have games to play for the system but fiddled around with several graphics tools and DOS itself. Soon my father started buying PC magazines that came with…

In the next following weeks a few meetings and events are taking place…