Berzerk Racoon is pleased to meet you

What is there to say about me that my blog won’t tell you anyway?

Granted, since it is rather empty at the moment I should give you a few landmarks to know which label you can put on me.

My name is Andy, I have turned 30 just this year and am a female Game Designer for games of the digital kind (so far). When I am not working I indulge in intense reasearch (= Games), try and capture moments (= Photography), read other people’s minds (= Literature), pretend I am someone else (= RPG), look at colorful pictures or pictures that still require some color (= Graphic Novels and comics), hunt silver discs that enable me to tune out (=Music), swallow well-prepare bits and pieces (=Food and Cuisine), heat dry leaves (=Tea), nurture my inner child (=Toys) and sometimes I even let out my inner grown up. Sometimes.

One Response to “Berzerk Racoon is pleased to meet you”

  1. 1 Rechercherin

    Hallo Andy! Wie du schon weißt, mag auch ich Spiele und Literatur. Ich habe sogar schon mein eigenes Blog. Aber bis gestern fiel es mir nicht leicht, mich selbst zu beschreiben. Inzwischen habe ich Teile meiner Erinnerungen wiederentdeckt.

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