The sound of silence


You may have (or have not) wondered about this extremely long period of silence on my blog. I surely haven’t abandoned this place, nor have I decided to start a new one. The excuse is as simple, as it is true – I have been busy! To prove to you that I really was, here a short list of all the things I’ve started, finished or done in this year:

  • Remember I’ve told you about doing level design for a free MMO? Finished this project at the beginning of 2010.
  • Simultaneously, I’ve also finished my work on another project involving a series of educational children’s games, where I researched and wrote half of the content.
  • After that I decided it was about time to intensify my work on my thesis. So far, 130 pages were filled with academic insights on the similarities and differences between the visual imagery of comics and film. I will have to reduce the page number and come up with a plausible consensus and then I am ready to hand this masterpiece in. This project is, as you can see, not yet finished, but I am quite sick with it so I can see that the end is near.
  • In between I decided to add another foreign language to my embarrassingly small repertoire, so I started attending lectures at the Nederlandistik to work on my back-then-non-existing Dutch skills. Ik denk dat ik mijn Nederlands een beetje heb verbetert. Een beetje.
  • To add madness to insanity my ingenious and wondrous partner in crime and I decided to get married. Yes, in between writing my thesis, which definitely became my biggest time-consuming monster and organizing minor things (and helping out the organizers of the not-so-minor conference as the Paris Game AI Conference 2010) we’ve also managed to somehow organize a wedding plus party, which turned out to be a lot more time-consuming and nerve-wrecking than we’ve initially thought. We’ve pulled through, though!
  • Even though I told myself I would not work on another project before my thesis is written in stone and handed in I received two equally exciting offers. One allows me to dive into an area I haven’t yet touched but am highly interested in: Marketing. The guys and gals who are providing the world with the best time-tracking software named “Freckle” gave me the opportunity to learn more about marketing a software successfully. I am still a rookie but am slowly getting into this whole “selling stuff to people the most charming way possible”. Still, there’s a lot to learn. And there’s another project I talked about, which has nothing to do with marketing but is, again, a still highly secret but incredibly promising (and amazing) game project. And, as usual, I can’t talk about it. Yet.
  • And just this week I helped with minor stuff at the SchnitzelConf, which was the first ever conference organized and held in Vienna (at the Naturhistorisches Museum!) that brought together successful entrepreneurs and people, who are interested in bootstrapping their own thing or are already doing it but are interested in the success stories of others who’ve started out as small businesses of passion and are now big businesses of passion.
  • What else is there? Well, two friends of mine and I decided it was about time to form a registered association/membership corporation to finally be able to publish a book with artistic photos of beautiful male bodies targeted at a female audience, thought up and organized by my dear friend who is one of the great minds behind the site “Naked men, happy women“.
  • Ah yes, and there are the projects that would be fun but it’s not clear if there’s enough time to work on them before our honeymoon, such as a Cthulhu-inspired photo shoot, a Cthulhu-inspired short film, the making of a short advertising video and organizing another meeting for the ingenious game designer-minds here in Vienna.

One Response to “The sound of silence”

  1. Ha, don’t worry. Take a look at my blog and you’ll feel like a uber-blogger. I got several things I plan to rant about, but if I ever make it… nobody knows 😉

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