Game Forum Germany 2010


Pleasing 21st century game players” was the title and the motto of this year’s GFG (Game Forum Germany). Sharing know-how with and transferring knowledge to fellow developers as well as students who are trying to climb the developer-ladder to success was the main focus of the event. Excellent speakers were invited to share their knowledge and expertise in various areas, which resulted in a cascade of high-quality talks.

The participants of the conference were definitely pleased by the range of speakers and talks, I can assure you. The first talk was given by RJ Mical, who focused on the development and advancements in game hardware and the evolution of game designs. The time-line of consoles and gaming hardware in general was accompanied by a myriad of anecdotes and great laughter, paired with the reminiscent sighs of the audience.

This talk was followed by an impressive talk by Raphael Lacoste (who claims to have been in the “Playboy” – anyone who can deliver proof, will receive a muffin) on environmental art in “Assassin’s Creed“. It was very impressive to find out what problems had to be considered, how gameplay influenced the style and to see some of the images that inspired some of the backgrounds. Also quite amazing were the different moods for the various locations and why those were chosen.

I have to say I was quite amazed by the high quality of all the talks that were given. Not one single talk could and should have been missed and if any of you skipped one – your loss. Bad idea. Every aspect was covered, ranging from how to effectively work with data to multiprocessor game loops. And even someone like me, who has no background in programming and knows nothing about programming languages or how to program (except simple tax calculations in BASIC, and, to be honest, I do not even remember how I did that 15+ years ago), was able to follow and understand all the talks. Some were more enlightening than others but only because I am more interested in game design, processes and data usage because of my game design background.

The best part of the conference, though, was the friendliness of the people involved; organization and speakers alike were friendly, open and eager to share their knowledge with the participants (and very patient). Even though the talks were meant to be the main source of information, chatting and networking after the talks was often far more educational.

Hopefully, over the course of this week (and probably next) I will be able to follow up with more detail on the talks. For now all I can tell you is that I have met the greatest and nicest people possible and enjoyed every bit of this conference. Cheers to you all!

To give you a better overview here is a list of all the talks/speakers:


Robert J Mical (Sony):
„The intertwined future of game hardware and game design“

Raphael Lacoste (Electronic Arts Montreal):
„Environment Art Direction on AAA video games”

Jason Gregory (Naughty Dog Inc.):
„Multiprocessor Game Loops: Lessons from Uncharted 2 Among Thieves”

Risa Cohen (RC Productions), Jane Corden (Moneypenny), Térence Mosca (TM Consulting ):
“Who is the publisher? Financing and marketing within a changing value chain”

Risa Cohen (RC Productions), Jane Corden (Moneypenny), Térence Mosca (TM Consulting) , Mary Matthews (Blitz Games Studios), Stefan Weyl (Namco Bandai Partners)

moderated by: Jurie Horneman
“Who is the publisher? Financing and marketing within a changing value chain”

Steve Ince (Freelancer):
“Viscounts and Vagabonds – Aspects of Character”


Darius Kazemi (Orbus Gameworks):
“Using Data to Argue Effectively in the workplace”

Jeff Lander (Darwin 3d):
“Developing High Fidelity Animation Technology Without Going Insane”

Chris Foster (Harmonix Music Systems):
“Stone Soup: Collaboration and Communication in Game Design”

Matias Myllyrinne (Remedy Entertainment Ltd.):
“Hearts and Minds in Game Development (Project Alan Wake)”

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners):
“State of the Market: Free to Play games in Europe”

The advisory board consists of:

Jurie Horneman (Mi’Pu’Mi)
Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy)
Olaf Wolters (BIU e.V.)

3 Responses to “Game Forum Germany 2010”

  1. 1 badoli

    Darius Kazemi? Is he related to Kaweh?

  2. HA! No. We did ask him and they were even introduced to each other a few years ago but no relations whatsoever. Would’ve been nifty, though.

  1. 1 Intelligent Artifice / Back from Game Forum Germany 2010

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