2010 in Tags


Quit underpaid job

Worked on an MMO

Got into Level Design

Settled down in my new apartment

Experienced a long-distance relationship

Had to decide between Lyon and Vienna

cancelled project

moved in with incredible genius and partner in crime

started working on a series of children’s games

fell victim to bad reporting

continued working on my thesis

finished the MMO project

finished the children’s series

passed the 50% mark of my thesis in a reasonable time

worked on ~14 games in 2009

praat nu ook een beetje Nederlands (=started learning a new language)

got engaged

Plans for 2010:

find new projects to work on

finish my thesis

get degree

master new language

find new apartment

maybe even move to a new city

get married

So, how was your 2009? No matter how it was, I do hope that 2010 will be bigger, better and more exciting!

4 Responses to “2010 in Tags”

  1. 1 queersome

    “fell victim to bad reporting” – and met meeeeeeee! 🙂
    not that I was the bad reporter, just to make that clear. hahum..

  2. I am absolutely grateful for that! The bad reporting still sucks but it led to meeting sweet, sweet friends I wouldn’t want to miss.

    Actually, I should’ve put more emphasis on all the new people I’ve met this year. Powered by social media!

  3. Well, how was my 2009? I, uhm, did neither of the above. I do not plan to change any of that in 2010, too. 😉

    I do hope, though, that 2010 will be better, bigger, more exiting and galore of it (well, as long is it is not “exciting” in terms of that pretended (I rather think it’s an urban legend) chinese curse, that is) nonetheless. For you, too, of course. 8)

  4. Hmm, I like the idea of setting some goals for this year! Will have to think about it on gabigirlonline.wordpress.com

    And I hope we can soon meet and discuss further ideas for the gamer girls pin-up project!

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