Happy Holidays!


Sorry to scare you with this illustration but this is my attempt to wish you all fairly relaxed holidays, quality time with your loved ones and as much receiving as you are giving.

I will, as usual, do not walk the traditional path of celebration. I skip the present giving and receiving (I do not need the “special occasion” for making presents), I skip the hassle and the stress. What I will do is have a few people come over and play Rockband with. So there will be singing and much joy but in the unusual way.

I will also take a few days off from work and writing my thesis and meet with people I like and care about and enjoy the time together. I might look back at what I have achieved last year and what is to come. I have worked on approximately 14 games this year. Not all of them were huge and breathtaking but the majority came out well and is not only fun but teaches children about the exciting animal world out there. I am pleased with that. I have also managed to finish about 60% of my thesis and will hopefully bring it to an end at the beginning of next year.

What the future holds for me is unsure. Except one thing – the geek girl sitting here is going to get married to the geek guy sitting over there. Whatever job is coming my way and whatever project I will be working on – I am looking forward to it.

Have a nice holiday, make sure to get enough rest and spend enough time with people you care about!


3 Responses to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Well, I wish you the very same and hope you did and will spend a great time during the holidays.

    I feel you achieved a lot during the last year(s) and surely one thing, besides from being successful at your job (or so I feel you are), is to have found great people to love and care for, and be loved and cared for by – I’m glad about that and feel it’s well-deserved either, and hope, again, you had a great time with them.

    Makes me look back and realize what heights you reached, considering what lean times we knew… which brings me to that announcement of yours which really is something to pass out on the fly-by ­čśë

    This is top of the hill of course, a decision which means you seem to have found Mr. Right – and right as can be, too. I don’t know what to say right now to express how happy I am for you, and how much this is reason for joy, meaning you found, well – serenity? Something like that. I really am glad, joyful, happy, more’n I can express being still surprised, so let me just congratulate, wish you all luck in the world for that chosen path and hug you as much and often as if I was a million men.

  2. Keep up the great work and do you think its possible to have a international MMO olympics game?

  3. Interesting question. I can see how team organization would play an important part in such an MMO but would there be any kind of story? Quests? How and if would the players be able to level? In short, I think it’s possible but you’d have to find the element that makes it interesting as an MMO, not just a sports game with high scores in which people simply compete against each other.
    If possible, I’d like to hear how this project develops.

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