Artistic Merits of Violence in Games


Today at the MQ/Raum D in Vienna/Austria at around 7 pm a talk will be held on the artistic merits of violence in games. You heard me right – the artistic merits of violence. Jurie Horneman, a former Rockstar, is going to try and find some value in the use of violence in games, while keeping in mind that this is still a highly controversial topic that is only approached from one side – the real-life killing spree.

If you believe that there are no artistic merits in anything connected with violence – show up and voice your opinion in a non-violent manner. If you cannot think of one good reason why there should be artistic merit in anything – show up and be enlightened. If you are simply into games and find this topic intriguing and highly controversialshow up and have a good time.


Where? Museumsquartier Raum D

When? Sat. Nov. 28th at 7pm (which is tonight!)


Entrance is free, only the number of seats creates an artificial limit.


See you there!

2 Responses to “Artistic Merits of Violence in Games”

  1. Hmm… sounds very interesting. I can’t attend, of course; thus my question – is there any chance that there will be a paper or something available?

  2. 2 badoli

    Damn… i wish i could be there, i’d have some points to state.

    “no artistic merits in anything connected with violence ”

    Violence is a part of human nature, so it should have a place in art.

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