Can anyone hear me?


Curious Bunny

Is this thing broken? I can’t see anyone, neither can I hear anyone. I thought this is one of those cool instant thingies that let me connect with other rodents to exchange experiences and stories. You see, the people I am living with…they are nice and all but sometimes they treat me like I’m a thing, not their roommate. You can’t believe how often the guy, who is living with me, throws me around and then acts like it’s all ok and fine. He even tells the girl we share the apartment with that I like it. Can you believe it? That I like being thrown around? Every landing not only hurts my butt but sometimes my face. I am not a cat, I do not always land on my feet. They are tiny. See?

Bunny Feet

I bet he wouldn’t be able to land on them. Gah, that’s annoying. I wonder, if there are other rodents out there who share the same destiny of being used as a remote light switch. Yes, a remote light switch. The girl, can you believe it!… She threw me at the light switch because she didn’t want to get up and turn the light off herself. And he, the big bloke, was too lazy to turn it off as well, so the next best thing is to take the loyal and devoted bunny of the residence and throw him at the damn lightswitch. I have to admit, I managed to hit it nicely. Perfect arch, bounced off with my feet, which resulted in a dark room and a perfect landing. Nonetheless, this is disrespectful.

Last winter they forgot me out in the cold. I snuck up on the balcony because they keep their soft drinks out there in winter to keep them cold. I felt like having a sip from their white tea, which is yummy, and they not only closed the doors on me, they didn’t even notice that I was out there. Freezing to death!

Damn, I heard something. Need to get off. Will tell you more about the freezing incident next time they’re not around.

Bye bye!

Bunny Bye Bye



7 Responses to “Bunnyscope”

  1. 1 mcCutcheon

    awwwwww 😦

  2. Since bunny is banned from using my Mac, I will speak on his behalf. He says “thank you” and “Help me!”.

  3. 3 Finn

    Bunny-Abuse?!! Not okay!
    Will call the bunny police on you if you don’t stop mistreating the furry roomie.

    Also, very cute idea to let the bunny talk 🙂

  4. Damn, this is serious! I hope those disrespectful, uncaring fellows make up their mind about how they treat you, or else the Cutish BruteForce will have to intervene (the girl knows know mine can do much harm! That gal with the bear especially). I don’t believe it. treating such a cute guy this way. *shakes head*

    (But seriously, more of this please (provided there’s time and inspiration, of course) – the shots, the text, and of course the unfortunate hero are too adorable).

  5. awwww…

  6. I am surprised about all the positive feedback! I was angry at the little fellow for hi jacking my account but since you all seem to like him I will let him tell a few other stories he is eager to share. It involves, of course, pictures. Bunny is a cam-whore.

  7. 7 Sathom

    I’d sure love that! Bunny is not just awesomely cute, but also a real fighter standing up for himself, despite what he has to suffer – I mean, jacking the blog and speaking out to the public, imagine! That’s what I call spirit. He sure has to get much off his little heart, and telling his sotries might ease his burden (plus, he has every right to be a cam whore – such a decent feller. One sees to few of these on the web).

    Maybe if he took over the blog completely, it might even become much more interesti… erm, much bett… uh, never mind that (heh heh heh).

    (Of course I know who is the mistressmind behind him, and thus the actually huggable person – thus, just teasing :)).

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