Even though the new family member (PS®3) combined with the new games (The Beatles™ Rockband™, Little Big Planet™ and Arkham Asylum™) keeps me quite occupied and highly entertained I have not forgotten my passion for smaller adventures and indie games.

Ages ago I stumbled over the game Samorost and Samorost 2, both games by the Czech independent game studio Amanita Design. Both of the games are beautiful versions of point and click adventures that let the player immerse into the lovely stories. The visuals are very earthy and remind me of a beautiful fairy tale setting. Sound and music fit the fairy tale setting nicely. The main character is simply lovable,  the rocket he travels in resembles a beaten sausage can and the planets he travels to appear to be gnarly lumps. All in all beautiful to look at and very fun to play, since the riddles require a bit of thinking but are not too hard to solve, yet manage to tell a charming story.

Machinarium is the first full length game of Amanita Design and looks just as charming as Samorost does. InMachinarium this game the main character is not a charming little fellow in a white hooded suit but a charming robot that needs to be assembled first. The mechanics are the same – some elements in the screens can be manipulated by clicking on them with the mouse. The player needs to find out which elements to manipulate in order to leave the screen or manipulate other elements that will lead to a solution of some sort. During the demo it becomes clear that the charming little robot has a background. There is a female robot he thinks of. A relative? His girlfriend? We do not know but he keeps remembering things of his past that involve either this female robot and robots that appear the be hostile. The story unfolds slowly but gradually.

At the end of the demo the full version can be purchased. What I especially like is that the game can be purchased for most platforms (PC, Mac and Linux). The PC version only can also be purchased via Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive and GamersGate.

Make sure to play the demo, then buy the full length game and enjoy the charming point and click adventure.

Media: Amanita Design

3 Responses to “Machinarium”

  1. There is more than one screen? I never got to the other side of that pool.

  2. There is more than one screen. If the roboter is assembled, passing the pool is quite easy. Theoretically.
    Why don’t you try clicking the lamppost-resembling thing at the edge of the pool and use it with the magnet-construct…

  3. Thx for bringing this up – I recently thought of Samorost, but couldn’t remember the game’s name, hard as I tried. I guess I’ll check out the new one too – if it is as charming as it’s predecessors, it’s surely worth the try.

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