It’s been a hard day’s night…


…and I’ve been drumming like a dog!

A few weeks ago the wonderful and ingenious mastermind of this residency decided that it was about time to spend an enormous amount of money on Beatles Rockband™. I agreed, since I was more than ready to take my destined place at the drums. From deep within I felt that drumming is the gift that needs room to blossom and develop. It turns out that I was right.

Beatles RockbandSo when the ingenious and brilliant mastermind arrived home with what looked like a steamer trunk I was all giddy and excited. Unpacking all the goodness was almost like Christmas and I could feel the spirit rise inside me. I felt like I was 5 years old again. I was especially excited about setting up the drums. At the end of the rather quick assemblage of drums, mic stand and guitar we were left with a small bag – content unknown. After a quick check if we had not forgotten anything we decided to open the bag and be ready for any surprise. Inside the bag was something white of unknown species. Upon taking it out of the bag it magically unfolded (well, not really magically, I know how it unfolded but still, that’s how we felt) and we then noticed one important thing – the drum set had no bass drum. And there it was – a white cloth-circle (same concept as the flat reflectors used by photographers) that made the drum set complete.

We could not wait to start playing so we fired up the PS3, took our positions and started playing. I have to be honest here, I was never such a huge fan of Guitar Hero®. Not because of the game play or the mechanics. Simply because I felt a little awkward with that plastic guitar hanging down my neck. I think, because of this I am still rather crappy at playing the guitar. The drums, though, made me change my opinion of letting the animal out on a plastic and very fake musical instrument. After the first song I was completely into the game, the Beatles, hitting a plastic drum set and feeling great about it.

The more we played, the more excited we got. The visuals aBeatles Rockband IIre amazing. John, Paul, George and Ringo seem to be really playing their instruments. It looks like the hit the right notes, play the correct chords. Watching the videos is a delight. Too bad that enjoying them too much during game play also means missing the right notes and beats and sacrificing the perfect score for mere eye candy. Having said that please make sure that you enjoy the intro, the outro and everything in between as much as you can. Not only do the venues fit the era of the different albums available but also the look of John, Paul, George and Ringo changes.

I liked and appreciated the Beatles before this game and I love and appreciate them even more now that we have played through the whole game, sang our way through all of the songs (I never knew singing harmony could be so much fun) and are still training our drumming and guitar skills. Besides, there are still so many achievements unlocked that I can see more hours of unexplainable fun ahead of us.

If I could legally marry a game it would be Beatles Rockband™. Or Brütal Legend™, which has already been very promising during the demo game. It is already on its way here and I cannot wait to play it. It does cater to my metal roots and I fear this might be a worthy opponent to Beatles Rockband™. Jack Black rocks, though, so we will see who can win my heart over in the end.

Media: Beatles Rockband

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