Plants vs. Zombies


Due to an incredible amount of crunchtime and a deadline that puts a lot of emphasis on the “dead”-syllable I have not found the time to update my blog as much as I would have wanted to.

In the last couple of weeks I have spent my freetime and weekends at work.  Nonetheless, I have managed to download and play the pre-release version of Plants vs. Zombies (by PopCap), which I was really looking forward to. To be honest, this was the first time I remembered the release date of a casual game and eagerly checked out every bit of information I could get my fingers on. Their marketing strategy did feed my ever-growing curiosity (and also gave me a few good laughs, a new avatar and a song I cannot get out of my head) and constantly reminded me to look out for the new and exciting game in which – well, what exactly do these plants do in this game? And how do the zombies come in? Do they interact? How are they connected? And what kind of game is it anyway?

I had my theories about the game. Something tower-defensy. Zombies attacking, plants defending something.

When I received the e-mail that gave me the honor to test the game before its release I made sure that I had one hour to play. I wanted to fully use my 60 minutes of zombies and plants. And so I did.

I was kind of right about the game being tower-defensy. It is more, though. It nicely combines characteristics of the classic tower defense and combines them with time-management elements.

The setting is simple – a house, a garden and a handful of zombies that want to get into that house. The player has to make sure that the zombies will never get there. To do that, flowers and plants need to be planted that can either attack or defend the lawn and the house. Instead of receiving money for every killed-again zombie to buy new plants the sun becomes an essential part. Of course, plants need sun to grow. The required sun comes from, d’uh, the sun itself but can also be gathered from sunflowers that need to be planted in order to receive the precious sunlight.

Plants range from simple pea shooters to zombie-eating plants in the first few levels. Different growing times and requirements for sun subtly require the user to wisely plan ahead. Especially, since the zombies may be dead but not without devotion. They, too, come in different shapes and show interesting characteristics. When the first pole vaulting zombie approaches your lawn you will know what I am talking about.

What I really like is the variety of gameplay. Every level I have played in those 60 minutes offered a slight change of variety that created a whole new gaming experience. Adding a night level to the game – genius.

As you may have noticed, I enjoyed my 60 minutes of zombie-slaying through the help of plants. I can only encourage you to visit PopCaps site and play a round or two of Plants vs. Zombies.

Oh, and make sure to read the help text. Trust me.


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