Why am I so Busy?


As you may have noticed, the April Gamer Girl photo has not been uploaded yet, even though it is clearly April (the calendar states so). The reason behind this small delay (after all, April lasts a whole month and we are just at the beginning) is the incredible amount of work that keeps me occupied.

7millionSo, what am I actually working on? It is this nifty project, called 7Million – a casual MMO that is free to play and open to everyone. Three factions are awaiting the player, each comes with a slightly different setting but the goal is the same for everyone – get around, speak with people, accept jobs, crack locks and bring back the loot.

Why is it casual then? It is easily accessible for hardcore and non-gamers alike. The controls are simple, the environment self-explanatory and every obstacle that gets in the way can be opened or manipulated by playing a minigame, that comes from the casual genre and is widely-known and therefore, also, self-explanatory.

All in all, I am very excited to be part of the team and be able to work on this project that is surely different from the games I have done so far. I love the challenge of coming up with level designs that fit the game designer’s idea of the heist.

So, this is the reason why I am so busy at the moment, besides other projects I cannot talk about right now.


One Response to “Why am I so Busy?”

  1. 1 some dude

    Another reason might be that the photographer is also incredibly busy with a gaming project…


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