My wonderful and complementary partner in crime, who is originally from the Netherlands and an incredible language prodigy, came across the following and found his mind wandering and wondering:


For all you German speakers out there the term is self-explanatory. For all non-German speakers a quick and simple explanation what the term actually means:

Pest: The Black Death. Pestilence. Plague.

Schleuder: Catapult, Slingshot, to catapult something, to spin something quickly (as in the nifty kitchen tool that dries salad with a few pulls of a cord)

Since the German language allows combining two or more nouns into a new noun, the two parts “Pest” and “Schleuder” form a single noun with a new meaning.

Back to topic, though. My incredible and spectacular partner in crime liked the mental pictures the term triggered and immediately thought of a nifty competition that hopefully lets your minds wander as well.

Read more on his blog about the rather ingenious competition.

Make sure to leave your thoughts, ideas and mental pictures on his blog.


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