Star Wars:Force Unleashed


About five minutes ago I had the pleasure to play into the demo of Star Wars: Force Unleashed on the Xbox 360 (by far the loudest console I have encountered so far).

I had seen several demo videos for the Wii and was quite amazed at how the controls were so closely connected to the character movements in the game. Even though the Xbox controller lacks this closeness and the physicalness of the Wii controls I still had an amazing time merely trying out the demo and getting into the spirit of leaving no survivors behind. This is clearly a game (at least, for me) that is perfect to get rid of after-work stress. There are no locked doors (at least none that cannot be opened with the help of some force) and no pathways that cannot be wandered (keep in mind, I can only speak for the demo and do not know what surprises the final product holds). Use the unbridled force to open doors, pick up objects, bend girders, move Stormtroopers to another location. The possibilities seemed to be endless and the fun I had while not thinking too hard and too much about possible rat runs into a room/location I needed or wanted to be next was enormous. Every item can be picked up, every movable object can be interacted with and the task is simple – go in there and make a mess.

I am sure there is a lot more story there but so far I was simply amazed by the fun I had just playing the demo for a few minutes, still getting used to the controls but already experiencing small moments of success.

This epiphany might come a little late but I still wanted to share how nice and relaxing those 10 minutes were, in which I lightheartedly brought chaos to a bunch of Stormtroopers.

Up next: How Fables II made me loathe bards.


2 Responses to “Star Wars:Force Unleashed”

  1. 1 goatfreed

    yep, reviews were so lala, but a lot of fun to play a badass Jedi!

  2. To be honest, I do not expect much story or depth from the game. I would, somehow, be offended, if there were any more depth to it than creating chaos with the force.
    It was so fun to play, though. Not much thinking, just relaxing mayhem.

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