Space Invaders


Since I have enlarged my Mac-family with a nifty Macbook (the black beauty) not so long ago I started to look for a decent way of transporting it. My first almost impulse buy was a Steinfeld17 bag (the big Hestia) – both casual and subtle in design and yet it┬á holds a Macbook with breathtaking ease. It does lack some funkyness, though. The certain geek-something. I came across the following items that started a whole avalanche of geek gadgetry googling.

(Source Bootik54)

Not so long ago I had found the Space Invaders Bendi Board – foldable and in two interesting color schemes (back/white, pink/white). The best part about this keyboard is that it can be rolled up and taken anywhere you want to take it. And if it happens to be at a place where its moist and damp it can even handle these circumstances – it is waterproof.

(Source GadgetsQuick)

There is more retro-goodness, though. The perfect accessory for the bendi board are those headphones, which do fit the two color schemes of black/white and pink/white perfectly.

(Source NCSX)

If you take a closer look at the shop’s recommendations on similar items you will find a nice selection of bath towels, badges and more.

Speaking of water – even in frozen form Space Invaders brightens up your day. The ice cube tray allows you to create as many invaders as your fridge holds.

(Source Gizmodo)

What is even cooler than the cubes is the super-rare and rather stylish watch, which fits every occasion and personal style.
Space Invaders Watch

(Source GamOvr)

Last, but definitely not least, is the guitar strap for all those who have other interests than gaming.

(Source GeekyGadgets)

To be honest, there is much more out there and I could go on and on about more Space Invader-related gadgets for hours but I will put a hold to this now, let you browse the geeky gadgets and hopefully find some more precious gems you will hopefully share.


4 Responses to “Space Invaders”

  1. 1 tryphina

    wohoo! space invaders! i luuuuuv the ice cubes. actually, i have a knitting pattern for a space invaders scarf. wanted to knit it for my darling, but i’m afraid he won’t wear it.

  2. Well, he better wear it. It is made with love and space invaders. What better is there on earth?
    To be honest, I am thinking of getting the bag. This or another vinyl-toy-geeky-bag (Tokidoki). I feel like bag shopping lately.

    How can he not wear it?

  3. he does not wear scarves in general.

    i am thinking to get the bag too. i have been looking for something suiteable to carry my sweet little acer netbook in. does it have straps? or is it just a zip bag?

  4. Love the headphones and the ice cubes!
    *must not go shopping*


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