Girly Geek Shopping


Think Geek is a page I can browse for hours on end. Every single time I go there (and trust me, I usually limit my time there) I find enormous amounts of things I always needed and am now able to order. My vast and empty bank account keeps me from sending the order but still,  Think Geek is the geek’s toy store. The eyes get big, the jaw drops and “ooohs” and “aaahs” are uttered non-stop.

It does seem though, that the target audience is mainly male. Shiny Shiny, on the other hand, is definitely targeted at a more female geek audience. The pink is the first give-away but the range of products is a good mixture of the usual geekery plus a good amount of cute.

Speaking of a cute and geekish shopping experience – the Sixxa Dinghy Store in Vienna not only sells vinyl toys (which are actually not that easy to find here in Vienna) and extremely cool and cute urban style clothing. The clothing design is extremely appealing, the colors nicely chosen but I just love all those tine little details that make them unique. A bit pricey, but to be honest, worth every cent. The shop design is very unique and the store itself just adorable. The clothing items and toys can also be ordered online. Make sure to check out her page.


2 Responses to “Girly Geek Shopping”

  1. 1 tryphina

    my eyes hurt from too much pink and i’m sligthly dizzy from cuteness overload.
    i think i’ll stay with think geek.

  2. What if Think Geek turns pink? 😉

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