Tetris Everywhere


Тетрис (as it is spelt in Russian) was originally created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1985. Ever since, the game has become a huge hit for almost every gaming platform out there. Single-Player, multi-player – the variations are endless, as seems to be the fun and the fascination of this rather simple game. The player needs to stack differently shaped blocks (all of which consist of 4 cubes) seamlessly, in order to get rid of the blocks on the screen.

Playing the game is supposed to positively influence the brain activity and helps reducing stress.

Above all that, it comes in numerous variations and there is Tetris for every possible situation in life.

There is Tetris for the arm – the Tetris bracelet, available at Etsy.

There is Tetris as a full body experience – the Tetris mirror, available at DaWanda, comes in separate pieces that do fit together.

In summer the sleek Tetris icecubes keep your drink cool, the Tetris fridge magnets are simply cool.

It has even crossed the digital boundaries and has turned analogue.

Why this ad-like hommage to a game that has been here for ages, has not released the superdeluxe version lately or has added new and improved colors?

It is fun to play, it was fun to play when I was 11 years old and played it endlessly on my Game Boy™ (first ed.) and it is still incredibly fun when I find the time to play it. Above all that a friend of mine is probably Vienna’s finest and toughest Tetris-player. Kudos to her.

Tetris is not fond of being fun, it seems. Bastet or Bastard Tetris was made for you to hate it. An algorithm is used to define which block is needed the most and least – guess what, you will receive the latter. The piece you need the most is the one you will not see for a very long time.


8 Responses to “Tetris Everywhere”

  1. Not to forget:

    Along with Grand Theft Auto* it’s the only game I know of being used as a metaphor in TV commercials of other brands. That’s an impressive demonstration of popularity for a videogame.

    * GTA style TV commercial for Coca Cola: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoMAqh1N29I

  2. you might want to check out iPentris for the iPhone/iPod touch 😉

  3. thanks a lot *blush*

  4. 4 tryphina

    what about blockout? 3D-tetris that cost me several weeks of my life. *hypnotic* *must-reach-next-lvl*

  5. Ah, the Honda commercial! Haven’t seen this in a while. Very well done and with a nice amount of humor and geekiness.
    It is probably also the most widespread and well-known game. Even people who are not into computer games know what Tetris is. Not even GTA has reached this status yet.

    The latest Coke commercials make me wonder – megalomania or drug-induced creativity?

  6. Thanks for the hint. Will do so soon!

  7. You’re most welcome.

  8. Love it but it somehow didn’t fit into the collection (even though I added Bastard Tetris, so I broke my own concept. *sigh*).
    Nonetheless, good point. Amazing game. Loved and hated it, to be honest.

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