Geek Girls Unite!


So the core team has come together at the headquarters to brainstorm about the upcoming new calendar and I can tell you – this looks promising!

Plans were made for the next 6 months, themes were set, lists were made, tasks were given, the enthusiasm is huge, the spirit is high and the preparations are in stage 1.5.

During the brainstorming session it became quite clear that women do show a high interest in games and technology. Not, because their partners are into games, makes games or simply cannot be separated from their PCs and Macs. The interest is genuine and does not stem from the urge to share some kind of interest with an existing or potential partner.

At some point during the meeting the question arose if someone knew someone or still had a first generation Game Boy™ at home, which we could use for one of the settings. Immediately, two hands flew up and with a gleeful joy it was announced that, of course, those precious gems are still kept in a drawer and are still fully functional.

There is this passion about games that is just as big with the geek girls as with the geeks. We are looking forward to new games (be it the Sims 3 or Fallout 3), we love our hardware just as much as the guys. We find as much joy in upgrading our systems (without the help of men) and with trying out new operating systems. Tinkering with electronics (outside the kitchen) is more popular with geek girls than expected.

But now for something more girlish – I accessorized my shiny white iBook G4 with a shiny, contrasty pitch black Western Digital “My Passport” (160 GB), which fits into any bag, or pocket, receives its energy via USB bus and comes in a couple of other trendy colors. I simply adore it.

WD My Passport

WD My Passport


2 Responses to “Geek Girls Unite!”

  1. 1 tryphina

    ooooohhhh, shiny 🙂

    speaking of toys, i went shopping yesterday and came home with a big brother for my sweet little netbook: the acer aspire 5520G. wrath of the lichking, here i come!

    i think, i’ll be wanting to be in the notebook-shoot for the calendar. with my “family”, hehe.

  2. Ooooh, what a sexy big brother. Quite the gaming machine, I’d say. Come to think of it – I still haven’t seen the baby brother yet. Maybe today, a little demonstration?

    Cool, so we’ll scratch the Cthulhu-silhouette and wrap you in Acers instead.

    I think I still want to take that Cthulhu-shot at some point. I like the idea.

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