A Piece of Cake


My amazing and wonderful partner in crime and I have continued playing Lego Star Wars on the PS2. Even though I still think that it is a bit more fun on the Wii, merely due to the fact that the controller can be swung like a light saber, which makes the duels more fun, since the player can actually feel like a Jedi, swinging the saber like a maniac (but with the stoic calm of a Jedi), the latest sessions were bittersweet fun-sessions. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing the game but at the same time I hate certain aspects of the game. Somehow they seem to have skipped QA altogether and confided in the cuteness of the game. In cute we trust. And they were right, somehow. We still keep playing it, even though the level of cursing is just as high as the level of fun.

And it doesn’t end here. We’ve tried out Lego Batman as well, which looks just as cute and fun as Star Wars but I fear they have not changed anything about the annying details that make the game less fun at certain points during the game.

Multiplayer is fun. It is more fun to swing light sabers with a second player than to play alone. If it is that much fun (and that it is) – why wasn’t there a better way of handling two characters that can explore the area flexibly? I do understand that there needs to be a way to keep them both on one screen but quite often this results in one character falling down a hole, or a ledge, of some other place, losing all the collected coins, then re-starting at the exact same place and dropping into nothingness over and over again. This is not fun. It is annoying, at best and takes out all the initial fun.

Let’s not get into level design and how some of the levels do not have a clear enough goal (especially the levels hich include controlling some sort of X- or Y-Wing). Not being clear enough about the tasks is not where it ends, though. Somehow these levels seem to be endless, hard to control at some points and there is always this moment when both ask themselves and each other when it actually ends.

Another thing I do not quite grasp is the fact how some levels require lots of action from one player, while the other is merely there to press buttons at the right time. Which is essential for the progress in the level, I do see that but how can one character have nothing else to do in one level than follow the other around, look at the scenery until the big moment comes in which he has to press a few buttons and not get in the way during fight sequences?

And yet, I still enjoy playing this game, can play it for hours and in the end I still feel like I’ve had lots of fun and want to continue at some other time. Not now, though, because the anger and frustration still somehow linger in the air.

I do hope that Lego Batman has gotten rid of some of the problems. It looks promising and could have lots of fun-potential.

Speaking of Lego Batman – during my strolls through the net I’ve come across a blog that collects and showcases wrecked cakes and cakes that are too good to be true. I found this blog entry on Cake Wrecks, which showcases the most amazing Lego Batman-cake I’ve ever seen. Or most amazing cake, in general. Make sure to browse long enough to adore the Super Mario cupcakes as well.


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