Secret Identity


Some of you already know that I am a fan and collector of graphic novels and comics. Part of my shelves are dedicated to the colorful pieces of art, and the occasional box is filled with several #1/2 and #1 issues (of the same comic, even) that I’ve gathered over the years on my hunts for my favorite comics and comic artists. Even part of my academic research is dedicated to this rather diverse medium and its conversion into another equally diverse medium.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that I live and breathe comics but they have become a big part of my academic focus as well as my living room shelves. There is more to it, though. A darker secret. A deeper meaning of my life. A secret identity.

I may be mild-mannered by day (stop laughing, all of you!) but at night, when the sun sets and the shadows have shrouded every surface and every living being my secret identity takes over and roams the streets.

I was not careful enough, it seems. The following image was created by an avid fan. It will give you a hint of who I am, even though I doubt it – the disguise is superb!

Berzerk Raccoon Secret Identity

Berzerk Raccoon Secret Identity

<evil laughter>

The Marvel-Superhero Creator was found on “Bunch of Nerds”.

</evil laughter>


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