Knihyhi in Prahaha


Ok, the subject line will make two people giggle ecstatically – and only two people, I am afraid. It made you look, though, right? I knew it.

So we’ve actually carried out our plan of escaping christmas and the stress that comes with the festive package and escape to Prague for a few days. The trip was worth it. The architecture of simply breathtaking, even though the area around the trainstation reminded me of Vienna in the 70’s (watch Kottan and you know what I mean). The center of town, though, offers an amazing mix of old facades, cubism (which can not only be found in the local architecture but also in the design of commodities) and completely new and modern design (check out the Dancing House). All in all, Prague is an amazing mix of old and new. I have never seen so many huge shopping malls in such a close proximity. The shops in the streets offer a wide range of crystal, jewellery and very international and modern brands. In between lots of German can be found, which irritated and often amused me.

The christmas market is definitely also worth a visit. I have to admit that the christmas tree looked nicer than the Christkindlmarkt-versions of the last years. The market itself offers some food but not too much, and lots of arts-and-crafts. They are open until after christmas, which surprised me, since in Vienna all the christmas markets close on the eve of the 24th. Tourist-wise, not the wisest decision, I have to admit.

Speaking of tourists – it was scary how tourist-oriented the whole town is. Upon entering a cafe or restaurant we were often greeted in English, without having said a word. Maybe this was the actual reason, who knows? ­čśë Everywhere we went, though, people spoke English and were polite. A handful of cafes take advantage of tourists, though, and seem to have “special prices”.

Unfortunately, most shops are closed on the 24th to the 26th or even 28th, so we couldn’t check out some of the places we had on our list. I, myself, was extremely interested in some of the local fashion designers but they were all closed.

It gave us a chance to check out the local restaurants, though, and we had the opportunity to taste some fine Czech cuisine, as well as international cuisine.

It also gave us the opportunity to check out some of the local bookstores (which offer English literature) and do some browsing there and bring home some more reading material. And this is where the title comes in – knihy seems to be Czech for books and we couldn’t but find the similarity to the expression *gnihi* more than funny and it kept us entertained for the whole trip. And beyond!

Photos will follow soon.


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