1st Game Designer Get Together


Yesterday, the first get together for local game designers took place. Even though the date was rather unfortunate and we knew that it would be rather unfortunate, due to christmas approaching rapidly and christmas parties taking place on almost every day of the last week, we decided to do a kick off brunch yesterday at the werkzeugH. Even though the night before an office christmas party took place and lots of people aren’t even in Vienna at the moment a handful of interested people showed up and the kick off turned out to be rather fruitful. We were able to discuss in brief the approach of further meetings, what we’d like to achieve in the future and the general direction of the get togethers. We were also able to decide which events might be interesting to approach and/or to organize here as well. Game jams are on the agenda as well as design challenges that should not only give us the opportunity to train our skills and work with specific tasks and limitations, they will hopefully result in interesting game ideas as well.

A knowledgebase, or rather, an experience-base is being worked on as well at the moment, so that we can start collecting our work experience, share ideas and approaches and help each other with problem-solving.

What we also have in mind is to not only play games on some of our meetings (board games as well as PC and console games) and analyze the mechanics and the design approach in general.

At the moment this project looks highly interesting. The participants are motivated and enthusiastic, the ideas are flowing and even at this point things are taking shape. The next get together will take place in mid-January and will focus on some of the organisational issues that we’ve come across during our first meeting. The following meeting in February should already give us the opportunity to share some of our ideas to a possible design challenge and hopefully gives students as well as more designers the opportunity to join and participate.

So this was my Saturday, apart from joining friends in the evening for a nice celebration. After a Friday night that involved heavy christmas-partying company-wise, which sounds a lot more fun than it actually was. Now, though, I will enjoy my christmas vacation, not think about work too much and enjoy a stressfree christmas.

2 Responses to “1st Game Designer Get Together”

  1. 1 Mark

    If someone named Ernest Adams ever shows up, don’t put him in charge of anything.

  2. After a quick consultation with my partner in crime I will put this on my checklist for the next meeting. Ernest Adams will not be put in charge of anything. Not even the catering.

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