Rolando for the iPhone


The fun begins December 18, 2008!

In my book, this is today. My beautiful and most genius partner in crime has reminded me today that Rolando for the iPhone is out today. Ready to download. Ready to be played for endless hours.

I haven’t had the chance to play it yet (since I am in no proximity of an iPhone – yet ;)) but from the videos and screenshots it seems to be rather intuitive. The games uses the accelerometer as well as the touchscreen to its advantage – swiping the screen, for example, makes the Rolandos jump, while simply tilting the device will make them roll in whichever direction the player wants them to.
Several moving objects, like seesaws, are spread throughout the game and require good timing.
I wonder if the differently shaped Rolandos will have different characteristics that will come in handy during gameplay. And I wonder if it will be as fun as it looks. In fact, I am not doubting this fact.

Today I also stumbled over Night of the Cephalopods!, a game, which immediately reminded me of Lovecraft and his Cthulhu-Mythos and the goosebumps I usually have when reading his novels. Not only because they’re sometimes awful to read but because his horrors really do tickle my scary-bone more than I’d like to admit.
The demo of the game can be downloaded by clicking here or directly on the game’s page. I not only love the visuals but also the fact that the narration system is dynamic and adjusts to the player’s actions (not only that – often the narration will remind the player of important things, like re-loading ones weapon).

And last, but not least, today Austria’s top page for news shared with its dedicated readers the fact that Coke (the beverage) is not a reliable contraceptive. In fact, it is no contraceptive at all. Believe me, I was shocked. Just as shocked as you are now.


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