Apple iPod Touch Gaming Ad


I do enjoy it when some ads not only use the webspace for selling their product but go one step further and include the whole page in a way that puts a little more emphasis on the message they’d like to convey.

First ad in this direction that I’ve come across was this advert for Wario Land – Shake it!

My absolute charming and wonderful boyfriend and partner in crime sent me the following not so long ago. Thank you Jurie, thank you!

It seems as if Apple was inspired by the above and came up with the iPod Touch Gaming Ad that also influences its surroundings.


6 Responses to “Apple iPod Touch Gaming Ad”

  1. 1 jhorneman

    OMG and without even so much as a thank you! 😛 Note to self: Blog first, tell girlfriend later.

  2. Thank you Jurie, thank you so much!
    You whiny ****. 😛
    I love you, nonetheless. 😉

    The question is – do you still love me? *puppy eyes*

  3. 3 jhorneman

    lol. OK, I am mollified 🙂

  4. Awwww…thank you.

  5. 5 tryphina

    the ipod ad is neat but wario rocks the house! omg … must … buy … .

  6. I must admit, I prefer the Wario-ad as well. So nicely done. The first time I watched it I didn’t even notice since I was so excited about and lost in the video. And then I noticed how the coins were flying around and elements were being knocked down…the best part is – the elements can be picked up and thrown around. Great physics, lots of fun.

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