Congregation of Game Designers


During the last IGDA meeting it became clear at a certain point that game designers are a rather maltreated race who deserve better. And if not better, they deserve regular meetings and get togethers where they can complain in a secure environment about the cruel world out there. Not only that, though. Coming together will hopefully mean that creative energy will come together, ideas and visions will merge and form something incredibly innovative and new. Or, at least, something new. Hopefully (as you may have noticed by now, there’s an endless amount of hope involved in the process) it will also provide a platform for challenges and more activities other than theoretically working with ideas.

Somehow, the idea of getting together on a regular basis and the organization was passed on to me. Don’t ask me how but it works most of the time. Start a sentence with “Wouldn’t it be nice…”, “I think we need…” and add the task of organizing an event and somehow it ends up in my hands.

Anyway, on December 20th the first frustrated bunch of game designers will come together and brunch and visualize like there’s no tomorrow. I am all excited about it. Giddy, in fact. A little bouncy, even.

So, do you know any game designers in this area who’d like to join? Let me know.

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