If you can play it – make it!


Easier said than done. Playing a game, enjoying a game and finding flaws in a game doesn’t necessarily mean that this enables someone to do it better, in the end.  Same goes for the healthy eater who can enjoy a meal, name every ingredient by scent and technically knows when to put in the salt – but can he cook a fine meal? A good meal? A superb one even?

An old piece of wisdom, very cliche but I’d still like to use it, especially since I’ve found this to be very true in my rather short time as a game designer. I know exactly what I like about the games I like (or dislike), I know exactly where the bug is (old Usability habit), I especially know what I would’ve done better. I also know that there are often simple reasons why this minor detail or that subtle annoyance had to stay. I also know damn well that sometimes there is no reason other than being too lazy to change something, lack of time, lack of energy, lack of budget, lack of nerve, lack of caffeine.

“So, come to the point!” – Yes, I will do that.

My point is, there are games out there that I highly enjoy, without looking for flaws because my fun-level while playing is rather high. Or, I wish I would’ve thought of the concept. Or, the appearance is just too darn cool and leaves me in awe. Whatever it is that keeps me hooked in these games, I’d like to share them with you. Maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Or you think they completely suck and my taste in games is awful. In both cases – let me know about it but keep in mind that respectless bitching will be ignored. Twice. Even thrice. I might not even consider ignoring it.








The Marriage

The Unfinished Swan




2 Responses to “If you can play it – make it!”

  1. 1 tryphina

    from the above I only played blockout. for hours. days. it is one of the games you keep playing in your dreams.
    I kind of miss adventure classics like day of the tentacle or monkey island in your list. no love for the good old lucasarts stuff?

  2. 2 berzerkraccoon

    To be honest, I haven’t encountered one that’s worth mentioning. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a recent one that’s unworthy, I just haven’t found one on my quest for indie and experimental games.
    I tried to add newer stuff. Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle – hell, still great. Even greater is the Hitchhiker but somehow I haven’t encountered anything recent in this sector.
    To be honest, I should’ve mentioned that I was on an indie/experimental quest. Looking for inspiration.

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